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Budget iPhone Coming Soon

 Budget iPhone Coming Soon


Forbes reports a leak that a cheaper iPhone will be coming to the market. The budget iPhone concept will consist of a colored plastic casing. Does this sound familiar? Remember the iMac desktop? The plastic colored stationary computers? It looks like we might be going back in time with this one. Consumers expect the budget iPhone to be pieces of repurposed iPhone 4s' that will create a plastic backing. They also hope that the budget iPhone will sell for less than $250.

Yahoo’s New Rules for Children


On June 31st, Yahoo will give parents control over whether their child can log in to Yahoo or not. In compliance with

the updated Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, parents must give prior consent via email to allow their child

(if under the age of 13) to continue using Yahoo. If parents do not give consent by August 31st, all children’s

accounts, emails, and contacts will be deleted.

Adjunct professors dealing with health care change

Adjunct professors dealing with health care change

Many college students are beginning the preparation for the fall semester. Students may notice the lack in classes available or lack of professors assigned.

Frustrating as this may be for new and returning college students, it is just as much so for the college and professors themselves.

Adjunct professors are taking a hit in hours as the new federal law, requires health benefits for employees who work 30 or more hours in a company of over 50 employees

This will begin on January 1, 2014, when the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2009 will come into effect.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2009 will place a very large price tag for colleges throughout Virginia, which will eventually trickle down into the laps of students with higher tuitions.

Sales tax increase for the Commonwealth of Virginia

July 1, 2013, the state of Virginia will take into effect the House Bill 2313, the Retail Sales and Use Tax rate. The bill will increase funds for the Commonwealth Matt Transit Fund, Highway Maintenance and Operating Fund, the Intercity Passenger Rail Operating and Capital Fund.

Now You Can Talk to Your Hand

Now You Can Talk to Your Hand

A telephone built into your gloves? There are gloves that let you utilize touch screen devices, but now they come complete with Bluetooth. Instead of holding your phone to your ear, or walking around with a little device in your ear, you can hold your hand up to you ear and talk to it. A speaker is located in the thumb of the left glove, while a microphone is built into the pinky. By extending the thumb and pinky (the same way you did when you acted like you had a pretend phone as a child), you can talk for up to 20 hours on a charge.


iOS 7 Siri Improves

iOS 7 Siri Improves


Wouldn’t it be nice if Siri could pronounce names correctly? Well soon your wish will be coming true.


Siri for iOS 7 will now ask for clarification when having trouble pronouncing a name, or, you can manually teach Siri to learn the correct pronunciation.


Amazon Birthday Gift Via Facebook

Amazon has launched ‘Amazon Birthday Gift’ to make it easier to send gifts to Facebook friends. By going onto

Amazon’s website and connecting it with your Facebook account, Amazon will show you a list of upcoming

birthdays. Electronic Amazon gift cards can be sent in $1, $5, $10, or $25 increments. Mutual friends can be invited

to pitch in with the gift giving. On the receiver’s birthday, the individual can claim their gift via the birthday message

link on their wall.