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Help save the SS United States passenger liner | Community Spirit

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Help save the SS United States passenger liner
Help save the SS United States passenger liner


NEWPORT NEWS, Va. – Students of Christopher Newport University are taking action to save the SS United States luxury passenger liner ship. This SS United States ship is located at Pier 82 on the Delaware River in Philadelphia, but was originally built right here in Newport News in 1952.

The remaining parts of the SS United States ship can be found right here in the local Newport News Area. The propeller is located at the Mariners’ Museum, which is located off of Warwick Blvd, and the ships bell is located at Christopher Newport University in the Trible Library.

“The propeller is our largest artifact of the SS United States,” explained John Warren, with Pubic Relations of Mariners Museum.

History fanatic and Sophomore at CNU, Andrew Jelonek, is extremely passionate about saving this ship which is going to be scrapped if funds aren’t raised by August.

“They are trying to raise one million dollars if they don’t make that by august of this year then they will have to sell it off to scrapper,” sadly explained Jelonek.

John Warren with Public Realtions at the Mariners Museum believes that they have a great challenge ahead of them.

“They have a great challenge ahead of them to raise the money that would be necessary for the purposes they are looking but having said that they have a large support and there are a lot of people out here who are big fans of the grand ocean liners,” stated Warren.

The SS United States was the fastest ocean liner to cross the Atlantic in either direction, and it retains the Blue Riband gien to the passenger liner crossing the Atlantic OCean in regular service with the record highest speed. 

Jelonek was passionate about passenger carrier ships since a very young age.

“In middle school I first got into ocean liners from the Titanic, and I just expanded and started learning about the other cruise ship,” explained Jelonek.  

“I just love history,” stated Jelonek.  

Jelonek already has a plan of action to help raise money to save the SS United States.

“I plan to have a Krispy Crème doughnut stand in the DSU, which will go for two to three weeks. With that I will have donations jars. I also plant to have a film screening of the document Lady in Waiting, which will educate students about the ship,” explained Jelonek.  

Jelonek hopes that if the ship can be saved that they can use the ship for educational purposes.

“I do not like when history is destroyed. I would not be able to be happy if I didn’t try my hardest. This is my way of saying that I did my best and did my best to save,” concluded Jelonek.

If you would like to take action like CNU Andrew Jelonek and save this ship, you can make donations to the non-profit organization, the SS United States Conservancy or call 1-888-488-7787 for more information.

“I just think we are in the right spot, this is one of the best places to do it, we are the captains, so lets find our ship. Maybe the SS of the United Stated could be that ship,” concluded Jelonek. 



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