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VDOF Crew Goes West

U.S. - A Virginia Department of Forestry crew has been sent to Utah.

They were sent to help fight the wildfires burning across the western U.S.

The 20 person crew will be gone for at least two weeks.

The crew will arrive in Salt Lake City either the night of July 24th or the morning of July 25th.

Virginia Falls Behind in Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Goals

Virginia Falls Behind in Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Goals

Chesapeake Bay, Va. - Virginia is falling behind on three Chesapeake Bay cleanup goals.

This information comes from an analysis by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the Choose Clean Water Coalition.

The analysis was based on eight goals that Virginia was to meet by the end of this year after two years of work.

The three goals Virginia is failing to meet are: usage of environmentally friendly agricultural practices, updating methods to reduce stormwater runoff,  and making grassy buffers between farms and streams to prevent runoff.

The five goals Virginia met are: modernizing sewage treatment plants, building stormwater ponds, keeping cattle out of streams, placing trees along streams, and rebuilding urban streams.


Virginia and North Carolina Beaches Rank High for Clean Water

Virginia Beach, Va. - Virginia and North Carolina beach water is some of the cleanest beach water in the country according to the NRDC.

The National Resources Defense Council issued a report on the cleanest water at beaches in 30 states for 2012.

North Carolina ranked third for cleanest beach water while Virginia ranked sixth in this NRDC report, titled "Testing the Waters: A Guide to Water Quality at Vacation Beaches".

Over 3,000 beaches were studied for this report.

North Carolina and Virginia also ranked third and sixth, respectively, in tthe 2011 NRDC report.


Lightning Safety Awareness Week:June 23-29

When thunder roars, go indoors! This lightning safety rule could save you from dangerous lightning strikes.

The week of June 23- 29 has been recognized as National Lightning Safety Awareness Week to educate and raise awareness about the hazards of lightening.

In the U.S., an average of 54 people are killed yearly by lightning with hundreds more being injured.

Although lightning is unpredictable, knowing safety guideline can reduce the risk of injury or death. Be prepared and familiarize yourself with the weather forecast before heading outside.

Lightning can strike as far as 10 miles away from its parent thunderstorm. This means if you can hear thunder, you are in striking distance.  

Seek shelter immediately and stay there until 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder. Stay away from windows and doors.

Green Thumbs Encourage Greener Living at Expo in Newport News

Green Thumbs Encourage Greener Living at Expo in Newport News

On Saturday, September 22nd 2012, The Go Green Expo was an amazing display of eco-friendly products, educational speakers, and easy ideas for ways to ease into eco-living. The event was sponsored by the Newport News Master Gardener Association and Virginia Cooperative Extension.

Carol Chubb, a master gardener and the chairwoman of the Go Green Expo 2012 stated that the expo was to encourage “sustainability and to show easy ways to go green” while not being too overwhelming.

This is the fourth year that the Newport News Master Gardener Association has sponsored the event.  There were many different varieties of vendors that participated this year such as the Animal Aid Society, Grafton Farmer’s Market, Chick fil A, and more.  There were over seventy vendors, earth friendly lectures and children’s activities at the expo.

VDOT completes Hurricane Irene debris removal in all seven Hampton Roads counties

HAMPTON ROADS - The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and its contractor crews have completed debris-removal on state-maintained primary and secondary roadways in the following Hampton Roads counties: Greensville, James City County, Isle of Wight, Southampton, Surry, Sussex, and York County. Vegetative debris removal began after Hurricane Irene, on Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2011, and was completed on Dec. 7, 2011.

Crews removed 224,849 cubic yards of vegetative debris and covered more than 2,611 lane miles of state-maintained right-of-way. Debris that remains in state-maintained right-of way is now the responsibility of the homeowner. Should arrangements for additional debris removal need to be made, citizens should contact county offices to schedule removal.

VDOT’s Customer Service Center at 1-800-FOR-ROAD (800-367-7623) has agents available 24 hours a day to answer customer questions and record any reports of any road hazards.

Raccoon tests positive for rabies

The Peninsula Health District would like to notify the residents in the area of Barclay Road and Haughton Lane that a Raccoon has tested positive for the rabies virus. 

Anyone having information regarding any exposure to this animal (bite, scratch or contact with saliva by open wound or eyes, nose, mouth) is asked to contact the Health Department at 757.594.7340.  Exposures also include direct contact between your pet and the rabid animal.