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Cat show gets competitive | Pets

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Cat show gets competitive
Cat show gets competitive


NEWPORT NEWS—Hundreds of dedicated cat lover competitors crowded into the Cat Show at Knights of Columbus Hall in Newport News on Saturday Feb. 4th to show off their best cats, hoping to raise money and create awareness for homeless cats.

The show was sponsored by Pawprints In The Sand and Chamberlin On The by Cat Clubs in conjunction with The Cat Fanciers.

225 purebred, rescue, and household pet cats competed in the completion. The cat show had a total of four categories for the cats to compete in.

They included: kittens, champion’s,  premiers, which are the spayed and natured, and household cats, or the random stray cats.

 “I was so excited," exclaimed Kathy Pritchard, after they announced her Cornish Rex kitten, Kaylee Ringtston Cowboy, the winner of the Best All Breed Kitten category.

Pritchard has been competing in cat shows for ten years now. Pritchard also breed all of her own cats.

"i just love doing it: I do it for the love of the cats," explained Pritchard. 

Paw Prints in the Sand and Chamberlin on the Bay organization have been doing cat shows for 30 years now.

This was there major event of the year where they make most of their money. The show hoped to promote homeless cat awareness. They were requesting donations of food, towels, litter, newspapers, laundry detergents, bleach and blankets which would then be delivered to the appropriate organizations. Paw Prints in the Sand and Chamberlin on the Bay employee Lucy Sherrill was very pleased with the turn out of the Cat Show.

“We have had a very good turn out, this is how we make most of our money,” concluded Sherrill.



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