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Are Foods Getting Makeovers?

Food companies are striving to make their products look more natural. While Domino’s workers are told not to

worry about making perfect rectangles, and McDonald’s Egg White Delight McMuffin should not look like a round

disc, but rather have a loosely defined shape, Kraft Foods is also jumping on the imperfect food shape

bandwagon. Kraft Foods has now developed a process to make their turkey slabs look more like leftovers from a

homemade meal rather than the oval shape of most lunchmeat. What is the reason for this? Meals that look

homemade are viewed to be more wholesome. When choosing lunchmeat, 31-year-old, Bernell Dorrough of

Alabama, said, “I know it wasn’t hand sliced but something about the aesthetic quality appealed to me.”

Mexican restaurant back in business

Mexican restaurant back in business

Plaza Azteca in Newport News has risen from the flames and re-opened its doors for business. According to the Daily Press the Mexican restaurant was severely damaged in  a fire in 2009. This week is its grand re-opening. The space has been renovated including stucco walls and a large open area for the bar.

The menu has also been redesigned. It now includes a dish called Molcaiete Azteca which is a made with steak, chicken and shrimp served in a hot stone bowl. Diners can also enjoy fresh made guacamole prepared at their table side.

The restaurant is located just below Oyster Point Road at 12099 Jefferson Avenue, Newport News. For more information including menu options, visit www.plazaazteca.com

PTA benefit at local Subway restaurants

On Tuesday, November 16th, a portion of every meal purchase at participating Tidewater area Subway Restaurants will go to benefit the local Parent Teacher Association.

Subway® restaurants will donate 15% of sales after 5 pm on Tuesday to PTA programs that will directly impact Tidewater students.

Valid only on November 16th after 5pm at participating SUBWAY® restaurants.