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Goodbye Kisses Timed at Airport

Goodbye Kisses Timed at Airport

Denmark’s Aalborg Airport has a “Kiss and goodbye” zone that is timed. If you’re trying to squeeze in one last smooch to your loved one, be mindful of the 3-minute limit. If this isn’t enough time for you love birds, better fly out of Luxembourg, where you are given a 30-minute time limit in their kiss and goodbye zone.

HRT transfer station may cause traffic

HRT transfer station may cause traffic

Cedar Grove parking lot off Monticello Avenue near Virginia Beach Boulevard will no longer be used for HRT bus transfers.

Bus passengers reported violence and crime frequently at the old location.

The new location off of St. Paul's Boulevard on Wood Street near Posey Lane will be secure with lights, shelters, and restrooms. 


TSA on Instagram

TSA on Instagram

Follow the Transportation Security Administration’s new Instagram for some laughs, shocks, and maybe even scares.

TSA has recently started an Instagram account to document illicit items that have been seized from airport passengers.

The agency hopes that they have found a way to educate the public as to what they can and cannot bring on a plane.

Since the start of 2013, 849 guns have been found on passengers or in their carry-ons.

American Airlines Pilots Use iPads


American Airlines will now be saving around $1 million in their annual fuel costs by ditching the 35-pound pilot bag

filled with documents and maps, and switching to using iPads in the cockpit. American Airlines is the first major

commercial airline company to use iPads during the flight. More than 8,000 iPads have been given to active pilots

and trainers, eliminating more than 24 million pages of paper documents.

Solar-Powered Plane Lands in D.C.

Solar-Powered Plane Lands in D.C.

The first solar-powered plane that is able to fly at night landed at Dulles International Airport on Sunday. The

airplane, Solar Impulse, doesn’t use fuel, but instead is covered with over 10,000 photovoltaic cells that charge

during the day. With the weight similar to a small car, the plane began its cross-country trip in San Francisco on

May 3rd. The plane will end its journey flying from D.C. to New York.


Automakers have been trying to attract the younger generation into buying their vehicles with dashboard infotainment systems.

The systems allow drivers to turn on various functions in the car such as windshield wipers, post messages on social networking sites, and even order pizza through voice commands. 

Automakers have been promoting the system by saying that drivers can keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

A new AAA study found that using voice commands to perform smartphone tasks from behind the wheel is actually more distracting and dangerous.

Researchers said that speech-to-text systems require greater concentration by drivers. The required concentration is so great that drivers are likely to develop ‘tunnel vision’ as well as ‘inattention blindness’.

Currently there are about 9 million vehicles on the road with infotainment systems.This is expected to increase to 62 million by 2018.

Hundreds of drivers reported damage; none of them were paid

Hampton Roads, Va. - Only NewsChannel 3 digs into VDOT, TME Enterprises Incorporated, and their claims processes. And according to their records, hundreds of drivers reported damage – and none of them were paid.

Not a single one in five years.

Find out what else our investigation uncovered – tonight at 6 on NewsChannel 3.

Laurie Simmons reports.